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SXSW 2020

Future Art and Culture 2020 is a bespoke showcase initiative supported by Arts Council England and produced by British Underground.  The programme focuses on digital and immersive technology in the art and culture sector and includes large-scale digital artworks, XR installations, discussion panels networking events and business development opportunities.




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Friday March 13th



Until Friday 20th March

Art Program: Spectre

Producer: Bill Posters and Daniel Howe

Location: J W Marriott, 3rd Floor Pre-function space


Spectre is an immersive new media installation that utilizes many of the technologies and methods used by the digital Influence Industry to inform people’s behaviours and decision making both online and in the voting booth.



Panel: Headsets Make Us Throw Up 

Location: J W Marriott, Salon 1-2


Does Virtual Reality really have to be exhibited in a headset? Join us to explore the immersive environments that allow 360 degree and VR content to be consumed by a collective audience.


Monica Bolles (Resonant) 

Lisa Brook (Live Cinema) 

Kate Wellham (Live Cinema) 

Matt Wright (4Pi)



Panel: Changing The Immersive Storytelling Wild West

Location: J W Marriott, Salon 5-6

SXSW Featured Session


We are in the wild west of immersive storytelling. Industry experts will share their experiences from real life collaborative projects, sharing vital takeaways on the opportunities & challenges of working together.


Sarah Ellis (Royal Shakespeare Company) 

Clare Reddington (Watershed) 

Genevive Bell (ANU)

Kamal Sinclair (Guild of Future)


Saturday March 14th 



Future Art & Culture and Audience of the Future Live Launch 

Featuring Theon Cross and a Trap/Opera performance plus digital activations from Audience of the Future Live

Location: British Music Embassy, Cedar Street Courtyard



Sunday March 15th

Immersive Futures Lab supported by UKRI

Until Wednesday 18th March

Location: J W Marriott, Level 4

Sunday and Monday

Munkination: Royal Opera House and Ham The Illustrator


Munkination is a trap/opera experience designed to share a futuristic adventure story about climate change, scored with a hybrid of hip hop and opera.


Tuesday and Wednesday

Perception iO: Karen Palmer


Perception iO explores the intersection of A.I., neuroscience, behavioural psychology, film, facial emotion detection, eye tracking, bias, and social justice, this immersive storytelling experience reveals how a person’s gaze and emotions influence their perception of reality. 



Panel: Time Machines, Museums and The Future Of The Past 

Location: J W Marriott, Salon 3-4


Museums are using immersive technologies to offer unprecedented interactivity with important moments of history and artists are using machine learning to work with archives and collections to create future worlds. 


Tonya Nelson (ACE) 

Lawrence Chiles (National Gallery)

Michael Takeo Magruder 

Sarah Coward (Forever Project)

Monday March 16th



Panel: Dinosaurs and Robots: Entering A New Dimension

Location: J W Marriott, Salon 1-2

A panel with credits include concepting Star Wars’ iconic BB-8 droid, inking Guardians of the Galaxy and producing award winning immersive experiences with icon Sir David Attenborough offer insight on the creative challenges behind two of the most ambitious location based Magic Leap projects yet - at London’s Natural History and Science Museums.


John Cassy (Factory 42) 

Laura Green (Factory 42)

Jake Lunt-Davies

Andy Lanning (Magic Leap)


Until Wednesday 18th March

Virtual Cinema: Dinosaurs

Producer: Factory 42

Location: J W Marriott, Griffin Hall


A new first of its kind immersive experience using the latest mixed reality technology to bring dinosaurs and robots to life.



Until Wednesday 18th March

Virtual Cinema: Eternal Return

Producer: ScanLAB Projects

Location: J W Marriott, Griffin Hall


Eternal Return is a choreographed, mixed reality exhibition exploring the future of memory.

Tuesday March 17th



Panel: Forest Bathing In Virtual Reality

Location: J W Marriott, Salon AB

Research into the Japanese practice of forest bathing shows time spent in nature can lower heart rate and blood pressure, reduce stress and boost the immune system.


Francis Runacres (ACE) 

Iain Dodgeon (Wellcome Trust)

Catherine Allen (Limina)

Alex Smalley (Wellcome Trust) 


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