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SXSW 2019


Date: Friday 8th – Saturday 16th March

Brush Square Park, Downtown Austin

Presented by: Naho Matsuda/ FutureEverything


What stories can be unearthed from a city using the data generated by its residents,

visitors and workers?


EVERY THING EVERY TIME transforms urban data into poetry presented on a

mesmerizing, large-scale mechanical screen. The artwork uses data streams generated by

the many things and events that happen each day in Austin. Passersby can watch as

poetry is written in real time and revealed on a split-flap display. The artwork explores the

‘smart city’; questioning notions of privacy, use and the role data has in our lives.


EVERY THING EVERY TIME is an artwork by Naho Matsuda, produced by


Naho Matsuda.jpg

Naho is a German-Japanese designer and artist based in London. Her practice

investigates the social and cultural issues surrounding emerging technology trends

through a range of design outputs, processes and methodologies. With a particular focus

on new narratives of technology and networked processes of production, her

transdisciplinary approach uses a diverse set of mediums including interactive objects,

writing, performance and installation.


“In EVERY THING EVERY TIME I turn data streams into poems. The work interrogates

where data comes from, who owns it and how it’s used. SXSW is the work’s first

international showcase, so I’m very excited to see the stories generated from Austin’s



Established in Manchester (UK) in 1995, FutureEverything is an award-winning innovation lab and cultural agency that has helped shape the emergence of digital culture in Europe.

Together with an international community of artists, technologists and collaborators,

FutureEverything explore the intersection of art, technology and society through bold new

art commissions, living labs, participatory design and public events.


Taking an artist-led and human-centred approach, FutureEverything is passionate about

bringing people together to discover, share and experience new ideas for the future,

creating opportunities for people to consider, challenge and test the use of technology in

creative and unexpected ways.

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