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The Fish Police

Combining the unique imagination of front man Dean Rodney Jr with the respected rhythm section of Grace Jones’ touring band, The Fish Police fashion glitchy beats, deep bass and guitars, to make their own blend of electronic music which draws upon a huge range of influences including hip hop, soul, 16 bit era computer game soundtracks and Afro-punk. Made up of Dean Rodney Jr. (singer, rapper, songwriter), Matthew Howe (guitar), Charles Stuart (bass, co-songwriter, background vocals) and Andrew Mclean (live drums), the group formed in 2010 when Charles taught Dean and Matthew, who both have autism, at London creative arts charity, Heart n Soul.  

The Fish Police at Flatstock

March 15th, 2.30 to 3.10pm


Fish Police Official Showcase

March 15th, 11pm

The Hideout

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