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SXSW 2019

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Date/Time: Tuesday 12th March 10:00 pm- 2.00am

Main II, 603 Red River St


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Algorave is a dance party where artists get together to produce sound and visuals that are generated through algorithms. Often this involves some element of live where artists write code in the moment and project their screens to reveal it. It is a community built on the use of open source software, a love of experimentation and an embracing of technological error and failure.

The term Algorave was coined by Alex McLean and Nick Collins in 2012. It is a fusion of the words ‘algorithm’ and ‘rave’. Since emerging in the UK, Algorave has subsequently become a global movement with parties happening across the world.


Lush, a global retailer and inventor of ethical cosmetics, are showcasing their latest innovations with a tech x retail experience pop-up fresh from Tokyo featuring technologies

such as Augmented Reality and AI, alongside a takeover of the British Music Embassy partnering with British Underground to showcase discussions on counter culture, activism and the future of storytelling.


Lush support grassroots movements and communities, so are pleased to support British Underground showcasing Algorave at SXSW 2019, which perfectly aligns with Lush’s involvement with art, culture and digital emerging technologies.

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